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BOOKS, CDs and a VIDEO are available from us by mail order.  All prices include first class insured shipping, and see below for extra discounts for buying more than one item at the same time.

The A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers, Part One (A-M), revised and expanded, Peter Forrest,     1998.320 pages, 16 full-colour.  Limited, numbered edition worldwide. ARP, EDP, EML, EMS, Hammond, Korg, Moog, etc.. "A must-have for any vintage synth fan" - Mark Vail, Keyboard USA.  "Essential reading" - Music Mart. 16 UK, 18 Europe, 21 worldwide.

The A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers, Part Two (N-Z), Peter Forrest, 1996.272 pages, 16 full-colour.  Limited, numbered edition worldwide.  140 000 words, plus graphs, charts, illustrations... SORRY. OUT OF PRINT. NEW VERSION IN 2001.

The Museum of Synthesizer Technology book, Martin Newcomb, 1994.118 pages, A4, all in colour.  Full of colour photos of Martin's amazing collection of real classics. NEW LOWER PRICE: 15 UK, 17 Europe, 20 worldwide

Analogue Heaven - The Museum of Synthesizer Technology video, Martin Newcomb / Julian Colbeck.  50 min, VHS PAL format.  Excellent sound and vision from the museum, including the opening by Bob Moog. NEW LOWER PRICE, 14 UK, 15 Europe, 16 worldwide.

Keyfax 2, Julian Colbeck, 1986.   240 pages of synth info from this respected writer, including many mono and poly classics dropped from subsequent editions.  Highly recommended. Early digital as well as analogue machines. 12 UK, 114 Europe, 17 worldwide

Synthesizer von Gestern ('Synths of the Past'), Matthias Becker, Köln, 1990.  SORRY - OUT OF PRINT

Synthesizer von Gestern vol. 2, Matthias Becker, 1995. 146 pages, hardback.
'Synths of the Past': great colour photos - even better than vol 1. Still an essential purchase even if you can't read German.  A beautifully bound classic.
36 UK, 39 Europe, 42 worldwide.

Electronic & Computer Music, Peter Manning. Sorry, out of print.

Vintage Synths CD volume 1, Matthias Becker, 1990.
62 minutes, 22 tracks, each created by just one classic synthesiser, including ARP Odyssey, EMS Synthi-A, Korg PS3100, Mellotron, Memorymoog, Minimoog, System 55, Oberheim, Roland.  English and German booklet.*

Vintage Synths CD volume 2, Matthias Becker, 1992.
60 minutes, 20 tracks, including ARP 2600, EDP Wasp, EMS Synthi-100, Mixturtrautonium (Oskar Sala), OBXa, OSCar, Roland Jupiter 6 / System 100M, RSF Kobol, SCI Prophet 5, Synergy. English and German booklet.  *

Vintage Synths CD volume 3, Matthias Becker, 1994.
59 minutes, 18 tracks, inc. Buchla System 100, E-mu modular, Gleeman Pentaphonic, Korg PS3300, Mixturtrautonium, Oberheim Xpander, Prophet VS /T8, Synthacon, Variophon, Yamaha GS2 / TX816. English and German booklet. *

Resonanzen CD, Oskar Sala, 1970 / 1994.
36 minutes.  Unique Mixturtrautonium music by the world's only expert.  Originally an LP published in 1970.*

* Prices for all the above CDs:  15 UK, 16 Europe, 15 worldwide.

Astral Ambience, Museum of Synthesizer Technology sample CD, 1996.
Over an hour of high quality samples using the Museum's magnificent collection.  Very impressive. Given top marks by Keyboard magazine USA. New low price.
20 UK, 21 Europe, 22 worldwide.

Collectables & Vintage Buyer's Guide '95, Carlos Juan, The American Guitar Centre, Stuttgart, Mar 1995 - still the only edition, and likely to remain so for ever. Just a few copies left; no more available from the publisher. 246pp, incredibly detailed worldwide pricing guide to 6000 classic European / US guitars and amps.
Sorry, out of print.

Electronic Music Systems,Techniques & Controls, 2nd ed.,Allen Strange, USA 1985. Sorry, out of print.

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Due for publication:

The A-Z of Classic Effects: database to be published on the internet for people's comments, additions, and corrections. To be published as a book in 2001.

MANUALS: We also have a reasonably extensive collection of both user and service manuals for synths, drum machines, etc..   It is ESSENTIAL always to try the manufacturer / distributor first; but if they can't help, perhaps we can provide a good photocopy at a reasonable price.  Please write, fax or email with exact requirements, and we will quote a price.